Mahesh Film Dookudu Style Burglary In Rajendranagar

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Hyderabad: Life imitates art or in this case, movies. Burglars broke into a house in Rajendranagar in the city and killed 68-year-old Rajender Prasad Agarwal by pulling his oxygen mask off. Earlier, they had tied his limbs and gagged him. The scene was a straight lift from a Mahesh babu film Dookudu in which the hero's father rips the oxygen mask off the villain's face. In the Rajendranagar case, the burglars also blindfolded Agarwal's wife Taramati Bai, gagged her and tied her up.

She however, struggled to free herself and managed to call the family doctor, who informed them that Rajender Prasad was no more.

Rohit Agarwal, their son who lives nearby alerted the police after rushing to the scene. The police who studied the scene of crime suspect the involvement of insiders.

Rajender Aggarwal lived with his wife Taramati Bai (65) in a duplex house while their son lived closeby. It is learned that Rajender had been ailing for sometime. Taramati woke up to some commotion around 2am and before she could raise an alarm, was quickly gagged, blindfolded and tied up.

The burglars then did the same thing to Rajender Prasad and also ripped his oxygen mask off. They then made away with cash and jewelry from the cupboard.

Police say that they have some clues and evidence to work with and have begun an investigation into the case.

Recalling the horror Taramati said that she was lucky to be alive. The burglars spared her only because she lay prone looking lifeless.

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