Guntur: The cricket betting mafia organized by the ruling Telugu Desam Party's (TDP) second rung leaders in the district continues to destroy the lives of hundreds of families here. Many families committed suicide while many others fled homes unable to face the humiliation of losses. As several local TDP leaders rose to the level of international bookies, many youths spoiled their lives in the betting mafia.

Recently, a close relative of a TDP MLA was arrested by the police in connection with betting related to cricket. Last month, a Piduguralla Municipal Councellor and Rentachinthala Mandal Parishad Vice President were caught by the police for their involvement in a betting racket related to cricket on a large-scale. Guntur district Telugu Yuvatha Vice President was arrested by the Task Force police, in a more recent development.

In all the above cases, the Guntur Urban and Rural police were pressurized by the TDP top leadership to release the accused. Guntur Urban SP's Quick Reaction Team, CCS Groups, Guntur Rural Task Force and CCS Groups were instrumental in busting various cricket betting rackets across the district.

SP Tranferred For Strict Action Against Betting

The TDP cricket betting mafia in the district is well supported by the top leadership in the party. Former Guntur SP Rama Krishna was highly effective in eradicating the betting mafia in the district. But, he was immediately transferred from Guntur.

It is learnt that the TDP leaders are desperately trying to transfer the current Urban and Rural SPs.

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