Suspecting Fidelity, Man Batters Wife To Death In Eluru

Rambabu, Nagalakshmi with their daughter. (Inset) Nagalakshmi lying in pool of blood - Sakshi Post

Eluru: In a ghastly incident that came to light on Tuesday evening, a man suspecting his wife of having affair with another man killed her by battering her head with a wooden pestle on Monday night here. The man later surrendered to the police on Tuesday evening.

According to police, Talluri Rambabu and Nagalakshmi were married for nine years and were living in a rented house at Pattebad Raghavachari Street. Both belong to Puppalavarigudem in Lingapalem mandal of West Godavari district. They have two daughters.

Ramababu works in a hotel while Nagalaskhmi works at a restaurant. It is learnt that over the past one year, the couple had been regularly fighting and have even approached Two Town Police station after one such quarrel. After elders of the family brought about a settlement between them, they had been living together.

It is said Rambabu had sent his two daughters to his mother's place. After knowing that his wife, Nagalakshmi was having an extra-marital affair, the couple had lengthy argument. In a fit of anger, Rambabu hit the head of Nagalakshmi with a wooden pestle. He immediately left the house leaving her in a pool of blood after locking up the house. It is learnt that he came twice on the next day and finally walked into the police station and surrendered claiming to have killed his wife.

Explaining the reasons, the police narrated the circumstances that led to Rambabu killing his wife. It is learnt Nagalakshmi would administer sleeping pills to Rambabu every night and would continue her affair with another man. On the fateful night, he enacted to have consumed the sleeping pills and slept. Later when he walked out of the room, he found his wife with another person.

It is said that the man who was with Nagalakshmi ran away on seeing Rambabu. Angered over his wife's behaviour, he hit her with a wooden pestle. The police are now trying to ascertain who the third man was. The police are investigating the case.

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