When School Electrician Turned Rapist For Minor Girl

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: A six year old girl was allegedly raped by an electrician in the premises of a Delhi Government school. The girl was a student of class 2 in the same school.

The incident took place here on August 8 at the New Delhi Muncipal Council School when the child was heading back home. The police conducted an identification parade to find the culprit. According to reports, the accused took the girl into a pump room in the school and raped her. The man threatened the girl against telling anyone.

When the girl reached home, her mother saw that she was bleeding and immediately took the girl to a hospital and the doctors confirmed that she was raped.

The police registered an FIR following a complaint lodged by the girl's parents and they approached the counsellors to speak to the girl. She claimed that she was raped by a man wearing a red T-shirt.

The police later identified that the accused was Ram Asre (37), a permanent staff member working as an electrician with NDMC.

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