How Killer Woman Priya Seth Turned Tinder Dating App Into Murder Trap

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Priya Seth, all of 27 has earned enough notoriety for several lifetimes. Accused of extortion, prostitution, ATM thefts and false rape threats, this time around she used popular dating app Tinder to lure a small time businesman, 27-year-old Dushyant Sharma and eventually kidnap and kill him with her two associates.

To his misfortune, Dushyant Sharma pretended to be a millionaire and walked straight into a honey trap which led him to his abduction and death. Priya Seth drew up an elaborate plan to kidnap someone for ransom and kill them as she chillingly reveals in an interview.

Priya's partners Dikshant Kamra and Lakshya Walia helped her commit the cold-blooded murder. After abducting Dushyant Sharma, they called his father up, only to realise that he was a smalltime businessman. They extorted Rs 3 lakhs from him without revealing that they had already killed his son. The trio casually dumped Dushyant's body on the Delhi- Jaipur highway and were arrested ten hours after it had been found by the cops.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, who brought the case into the limelight to attempt to bring justice to the family of the deceased, interviewed the accused. The video which one finds chilling to the bone, reveals the dark, sinister side of Priya Seth who is no novice to the world of crime. It is hardly a surprise that she had been a frequent visitor to prison on various counts. She had been arrested on previous occasions, but had managed to secure bail. A hardened criminal, she reveals that she claimed to be an agent promising to procure female escorts and cheated gullible men who fell prey to her looks and charm.

In her own warped scheme of things, Priya Seth claims that cheating men who are looking for escorts is social service!

Revealing the gory details, Priya Seth describes how Dushyant Sharma was killed. “This is not true. We dumped his body in the afternoon, and I went to the hotel in the evening,” she says without a care in the world.

The underlying message for young netizens looking for love and one night stands on dating apps is not to plunge into honey traps without exercising due caution.

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