Hyderabad: People seem to take life casually. This flippant attitude cost Khaja Mohiuddin (35)of Bahadurpura his life, as he was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road, his head leaning on the phone sandwiched between his left shoulder and ear. He was not wearing a helmet at that time. Khaja, parked bang under a No Parking sign and returned a short while later, moving quickly on to the wrong side of the road, near Bahadurpura Nala. He accelerated suddenly to overtake an autorickshaw coming from the opposite direction and as it turned out, ran into a bike. Khaja was knocked down to the ground hard and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced brain dead.

As stated earlier Khaja was on the wrong side of the road, was riding without a helmet and worse, was speaking on the phone unmindful of the traffic coming from the other direction.

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This underscores the casual approach people take to official warnings and caution notices repeated over and over again by traffic authorities.

Meanwhile the video of the incident went viral over the social media networks and was picked up by the electronic media, as well.