He Went To Donate Blood And Lost His Kidney

Representational image - Sakshi Post

A 19-year-old boy's kidney was stolen when he went to donate blood at a private hospital in Madurai. The incident came to light when the boy was admitted to another hospital due to illness.

Getting into details, the boy Mohammed Fakhruddin is working as a photographer and stays with his widowed mother Shakeela Banu in Madurai. In 2017, a relative of Fakhruddin visited his house and requested him to donate blood to the former's son Azharuddin. Later, the duo went to the hospital for blood donation but the doctor refused to take the boy's blood citing infection.

The doctor asked Fakhruddin to get admitted in the hospital for a month to clean the blood. After one month of treatment, Fakhruddin's health deteriorated. As he was unable to walk, Fakhruddin's mother shifted him to another hospital for medical examination. The mother and son were shocked to see reports showing a kidney was missing.

Though Banu lodged a complaint against her relative Raja Mohammed, she did not get any justice as the police were in support of the latter. She then approached the superintendent of police and requested him to investigate into the matter. The SP ordered Meloor DSP to get the probe done as soon as possible.

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