A newly wed bride collapsed after sighting the 'Arundhati Nakshatra' as part of the wedding ritual.

The incident occurred on Saturday. The bride who suffered a massive heart attack breathed her last on the day of her wedding. Before the marriage ceremony was about to conclude, the priest solemnizing the wedding asked the newlywed couple to look at the Arundhati Nakshatram as is customary in Hindu weddings. The bride was unable to get up and when groom tried to lift her, she has suddenly collapsed on the floors.

This incident took place in Achampet town of Nagarkurnool district on Saturday, during the wedding ceremony of Venkatesh and Lakshmi.

Family members of the bride and groom rushed her to a nearby government hospital, where doctors declared her brought dead. The Bride family went into shock and her brother filed a case of unnatural death. Post mortem was suggested based on the complaint to see if the bride had consumed poison to kill herself. However reports confirmed that she had died because of cardiac arrest.