Sarpanch Harassed, Insulted By Unfaithful Husband

Sarpanch showing the panchayat amount withdrawn by her husband forging her signature - Sakshi Post

Anantapur: An ST sarpanch, entered politics at her husband's behest began to face extreme harassment and humiliation at his hands. Due to the manner in which she was insulted, added to the fact that her husband had forged her signature, the sarpanch began to stay independently, away from her house. Her husband she learnt, was having an extra-marital affair with another woman. She is reportedly in a state of dire penury. Deeksha, the Sarpanch of Mudigubba village near here, studied up to class 10.

Deeksha married a man of her choice, Tirupal in 2002 and they have two sons, namely Jayanth Nayak and Gautam Gambir Nayak. The family was leading a contented life at Mudigubba until the government declared the local panchayat as ST Women's Reserved constituency. Her husband nudged Deeksha to contest in the panchayat elections and saying that they need money for the election campaign, Tirupal mortgaged their house for Rs 20 lakhs. She won the elections and her problems started.

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"I have complained to the district collector on March 21 this year saying that my husband has forged my signature and withdrew lakhs of rupees from panchayat funds. He had been insulting me and was operating as a sarpanch for the panchayat. The DPO was asked to inquire into the matter, but everything was covered up," she said.

With the tide seemingly turning against her Deeksha began staying away from her husband. Recently, Tirupal subscribed to an insurance policy in his wife's name and even paid the premium. When Deeksha questioned him about it, Tirupal said there should some benefit to him if she died. She was also not being paid her honorary salary for the past 14 months and was in a major financial crisis while her husband continued to threaten her.

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Deeksha called upon the collector to respond to her request and bail her out of this difficult situation. She asked for a comprehensive investigation into the looting of the panachyat funds by by her husband who forged her signature. Deeksha demanded that her house should be given back to her. The woman sarpanch added that trouble began for her when she questioned her husband on his affair.

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