A video of Immadi Gopi, a TRS Mandal Parishad President kicking a woman in the chest has kicked up a social media storm after it went viral. The woman has been identified as Rajavva, a resident of Gowraram village in Khammam. The video shows Rajavva falling helplessly to the ground after being kicked in the chest by the TRS leader. The altercation was triggered by a land dispute in Indalwai mandal headquarters in Nizamabad, it is learnt.

The woman first reportely beat Gopi with a slipper over the dispute, reports said.

The woman staged a protest in front of the Mandal parishad President's house for delaying the handover of possession of the land that she had bought from him.

Gopi reportedly sold the land to Rajavva for a whopping Rs 33 lakhs. Instead of handing over the land to her, he was demanding 23 lakhs more, she complained.

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The police has registered a case against the MPP and began probe into the matter.

In a latest development, Police in Telangana's Nizamabad district on Monday arrested the chief of a rural local body for kicking a woman over a property issue.

Mandal Parishad President (MPP) Immadi Gopi, who belongs to the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), has been charged with assaulting the woman, A. Rajavva, and criminal intimidation.

The MPP, a former Maoist, kicked Rajavva in front of the public after she hit him with a sandal on Sunday.The incident has triggered widespread condemnation after a video clip went viral on social media. On a complaint by Gopi, the police also booked the woman and her relatives for trespass and damaging his property.