Chittoor: In a bizarre incident, a man climbed a cell tower at Ayyavaripalli near here and created a ruckus for over four hours in the area claiming that his wife and her lover were hatching plans to kill him and had even attempted to do away with him on two occasions. Police rushed to the spot, engaged him in a conversation and managed to bring him down.

According to police, the person has been identified as Ramachandra (40), native of Danduparipalli who has been married to Manjula (32), native of Gangadoddi for 10 years. They also have an eight-year-old daughter. The victim told the police that his wife had an extra-marital affair with a person and eloped with him six months ago. Since then Manjula and her lover have been threatening Ramachandra and they said they would kill him.

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He also told the police that on two occasions, Manjula's lover along with his friends had attacked him. Unable to bear this torture, on Thursday, Ramachandra climbed the cell tower and started shouting that he would jump off the tower. Local residents informed the police who rushed to the spot immediately. After four hours of persuasion, the police with the help of people from the neigbourhood, brought him down.