Telangana-AP Love Story Ends in Tragedy

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Kurnool: A love story involving an Andhra boy and a Telangana girl, who became intimate thanks to the popular social media site, Facebook. Things took a tragic turn with both of them trying to commit suicide by consuming pesticide. The incident took place on Monday in Adoni of Kurnool district near Nettekal cross.

According to the Sub-Inspector of Three Town Police Station here, Chandrakala of Mahboobabad in Mahhbubnagar district, got married to Bhimayya of the same region four years ago. They did not have any children. About a year ago, she came in touch with Muralikrishna of Gangavaram village in Nandavaram mandal of Kurnool district.

About 11 days ago, Muralikrishna went to Mahboobabad to meet Chandrakala and then took her to Bengaluru along with him. Her husband, Bhimayya who came to know of this, went to Muralikrishna's village and questioned his parents. They replied that they were unaware of his whereabouts and were searching for him.

Subsequently, Bhimayya filed a police complaint in Nandavaram police station. The police then made Muralikrishna's parents call him and ask him to come home. They also assured their son of settling the issue of his marriage with the girl of his choice. Muralikrishna agreed to this, but instead of returning to his village, went to Adoni instead. He called his parents and agreed to get the issue of marrying the girl settled in the presence of village elders.

Afraid that she may be asked to rejoin her husband, Chandrakala consumed pesticide. Muralikrishna followed suit. Both were shifted to the local hospital where their condition is reported to be critical.

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