North Carolina (USA): In a horrifying incident, a man, charged with incest with his own daughter, killed her along with two others. The man reportedly killed himself after committing the murders.

It is learnt that Steven Pladl, aged 42, and his former wife Alyssa, who were married 20 years ago, gave birth to Katie Pladl, who is now a teenager. Katie was later adopted by New York couple Anthony Fusco and Kelly.

In 2016, Katie found her biological parents in Henrico, Virginia and stayed along with them. After a few days, Alyssa and Steven reportedly got divorced. Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl were reportedly involved in a sexual relationship and they gave birth to Bennett Pladl seven months ago. Reports also suggest that the couple married in July 2017, after which they were arrested and later released separately with a condition of not seeing each other.

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After getting released, Katie was believed to be staying with her adopted parents in New York. But, in a bizarre twist of events, the local police found the dead body of Bennett Pladl, who is just seven months old, in a house in North Carolina.

Following this, the police found Katie and Anthony Fusco dead in a truck in New Milford, Connecticut. Suspect murderer, Steven was found dead in a minivan, where he was believed to have shot himself with a gun.

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Rick A. Friedman II, a defense attorney said, “My understanding is that when Katie Pladl and Steven Pladl were arrested, that my client’s mother moved into that house to take care of their biological son.” The attorney reportedly represented Steven in the past.

“If any judge or any prosecutor or defense attorney involved in any of these cases believed that the Pladl child would be in harm’s way, there would not have been any bond. The professionals care too much about children. I too have seen postings that they were married, my guess would be that it would not be legal under North Carolina or Virginia law for two people who are biologically related to get married,” he added.