Khammam: A home guard committed suicide along with his two sons by jumping in front of a train at Venkatagiri area here on Saturday.

Kashi Vishwanath, a native of Tiruvuru in Krishna district in AP was working as a home guard in Bhdradri Kothagudem and was running a provisions store in Kalluru. He took his sons--Jayanth(13) and Ajay(11) to Khammam saying he would buy new clothes for them in the morning.

Later in the afternoon, Kashi Vishwanath and his sons were found dead on the railway tracks at Venkatagiri area. The reason behind his extreme step was not known immediately. Police are investigating the case.

What Could Be The Reason?

Besides murder of trusted ones within families, cases of heart-wrenching suicides are on the rise in the state in the recent past. Several instances of people committing suicide without any ostensible reason or some petty reason which could be resolved with little patience and effort.

A man and his wife committed suicide by hanging themselves to a ceiling fan after they killed their two children in Vishakapatnam last Friday. In a suicide note found at the house, the woman said some people blackmailed her and pressurized her for sexual favors. "Unable to withstand the harassment, I am ending my life and killing my innocent children," she wrote. It still remained a mystery why her husband also joined the suicide pact.

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A newly-married woman committed suicide in Tadepallygudem after shooting a selfie video in which she expressed her dislike on her husband. The woman, Mounika, was 3-months pregnant.

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Last month, the headmaster of a school committed suicide in a room in the school at Gunturpally village in Karimnagar. Headmaster Kethireddy Madhusudan Reddy's body was discovered with a suicide note addressed to Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to help his family.

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In most cases, the reason behind suicide happened to be financial worries and relationship disturbances which could have been resolved in the course of time had the victims withstood the situations for a while. And suicide being contagious, similar incidents are taking place once a suicide is reported.

Financial problems could not have been so severe in the home guard’s drastic step of killing himself and also his teenage sons leaving his wife all alone as the salaries of home guards are not that pathetic as before in Telangana state. The government hiked home guards’ salaries twice in the past one year and it’s Rs20,000 per month. He also ran a general store by name Ganesh Super Market and never showed any desperation for money with his friends, relatives or acquaintances.

If at all he had a personal reason so frustrating to kill himself, he could have at least spared his sons who could be supportive of their mother. Unless there is a thorough investigation into such mysterious suicides and some initiative by the government to contain the trend, the alarming rise in this kind of instances could disturb the society at large.

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