VM Jai Kumar

Uttar Pradesh
: Fursatganj is a small town in Uttar Pradesh known for its quiet incident-free atmosphere.

However, the peace and quiet of this sleepy place was rattled by a string of murders in which the victims were almost always over 45 years’ old. It was December 2004, exactly 13 years to the date when police after extensive research and a thorough man-hunt nabbed Sadashiv Sahu. What Sadashiv told police shocked seasoned investigators. During questioning, Sadashiv told the policemen that he always had a strange urge to kill people. "Always the victim was a man above 45 years of age. I don't know what came over me. I was overpowered by a strange urge to kill my prey," he said in his confession. He also added that after committing a murder he would return home and have sound sleep.

Police say his modus operandi was to shoot his victims with the gun pressed against their chests to muffle the noise. However, neighbours remember Sadashiv has a quiet individual who rarely spoke to anyone in the neighbourhood. "He was a cloth merchant who rarely spoke to neighbours and was found usually reading religious books," they said.

Sadashiv Sahu was 57 and killed 22 people in four years when he was arrested in December 2004.