Nizamabad: The attacks on Dalits are going on unchecked and the tormentors are not scared of any law enforcement authority. They are even posting the videos on social media to show their heroism.

In a latest video posted by some unidentified person, a gravel smuggler is seen beating up two persons, understood to have belonged to Dalit communities going by the abusive language used by the tormentor. He chases them by beating both with a stick and finally he pushes them into a dirty water pit.

The man is identified by the police as one Bharath Reddy and his victims as Rajeshwar and Lakshman by the Naveepet police in Nizamabad district. As the video went viral on WhatsApp on Sunday, the Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) representatives staged a dharna on the highway at Naveepet demanding action against Bharath Reddy.

Bharath Reddy is stated to be illegally selling gravel (a kind of soil useful for construction of projects or filling deep pits in the ground) and he grew furious at Rajeshwar and Lakshman as they questioned his illegal activity. Generally, the gravel from government lands is supposed to be sold by contractors after paying money to government. Like sand mafia, who dig out sand from near lakes and rivers without paying fee to the government, Bharath was smuggling the gravel and made huge money. The police are yet to arrest the accused.