Hyderabad: A 31-year-old woman, her paramour, and his driver were arrested on Thursday by the Narayanguda police for kidnapping and attempting to murder her husband.

D. Sunitha, the accused, was residing in Hyderaguda area and worked as a housemaid. “She and her husband, Devakatey Gyaneshwar, would have frequent fights over petty issues. She started having an affair with 54-year-old B. Srinivas Murthy, a resident of Yapral, who was one of her employers,” said B. Ravinder, inspector of Narayanguda.

Frustrated by the domestic violence she was constantly facing at home, Sunitha hatched a plan to kill her husband with the help of Srinivas. Late on Saturday night, Sunitha gave Gyaneshwar water laced with sleeping pills. She waited for him to fall unconscious and then alerted Srinivas, who sent his driver, U. Venkatesh, to pick him up.

Gyaneshwar was tied up and taken to ECIL crossroads in an auto rickshaw. There he was moved to Srinivas’s car and taken to an isolated spot at Ankireddypally near Keesara.

However, Gyaneshwar regained consciousness and began shouting for help. He managed to untie his hands, bit Srinivas when he attempted to scare him with a can of deodorant, and escaped.

Afraid of the consequences of her husband’s escape, Sunitha filed a complaint with the Narayanguda police, claiming that her husband had been beating her while inebriated.

After a thorough investigation, the police managed to place the entire picture together and arrested Sunitha, Srinivas and Venkatesh. The three were booked under relevant sections of the IPC for kidnapping and attempt to murder.