Hyderabad: A pet Labrador was beaten to death by a gang of miscreants in Borabanda earlier this week. The seven-year-old home-bred male dog of the Labrador breed found dead in the morning by the family members of its master D. Dayanand Rao, correspondent at Talent High School in Rajnagar.

The dog became a part of the family and Jimmy got acquainted with other colony members, so much so it gained access to all homes.

However, in the past, the residents used to face trouble with a gang of around five alcohol addicts who troubled passersby at night by beating them, snatching away their mobiles, wallets, etc.

With Jimmy’s presence, these rogues could no more play around at night. They were biding their time to finish off Jimmy. Jimmy, the master said, would generally be tied up in the house during daytime. At nights, he would roam around, keeping a close watch over the colony.

The dog was thrashed with an iron rod by the miscreants. Dayanand left for Delhi to attend a conference on the day.

“Taking advantage of this situation, the gang attacked Jimmy with rods and stones. The attack severely injured its eyes and caused huge gashes in its forehead. When I returned home, Jimmy was missing. When I searched around, I found him sleeping in one of the houses in the colony, with bleeding injuries,” Mr Rao said.

The dog was immediately rushed to a veterinary hospital in Narayanguda.

“The doctor there said there was a slight chance of Jimmy’s recovery. In fact, he showed signs of recovery on Thursday, but collapsed and died at night the next day,” grief-stricken son of Dayanand, Ranveer said.

In his complaint, Mr Rao has named two residents, Y. Prabhakar and Nagaraju — and another unidentified person from the area as the culprits. A case under Section 429 of the IPC (killing or maiming of cattle or any other animal) has been registered.

“We have sent the body for an autopsy. Based on the report and the evidence collected from the scene, we will proceed,” SR Nagar Inspector Md Waheeduddin said.