Coronavirus: Dwayne Bravo Sings A Song!

Dwayne Bravo - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The outbreak of coronavirus is creating panic among the people across the globe. With each passing day, the spread of virus is increasing and the number of people with covid-19 infection is going high. Many events have been cancelled and the sporting world has come to a standstill. The film celebrities, sportspersons and other people are using social media platform to create awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

West Indies all-rounder Dwayne sang a new song, ‘We are not giving up’ to create awareness among the people on how to fight together against the dangerous coronavirus. He took to his Instagram and posted the video. He captioned it as, ‘We are not giving up, on this outbreak due to pandemic, my heartful prayers to all of you out there! Let’s fight together!’

Bravo is well known for his singing skills and now he is urging everyone to take precautionary measures like washing hands regularly and staying at home.

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