Cops, T- activists play cat and mouse game

Cops, T- activists play cat and mouse game - Sakshi Post

The proposed Telangana march on September 30 is turning into an unprecedented cat and mouse game between the TJAC leaders and T-activiists and supporters.

Nobody is ready to blink first in this eyeball to eyeball confrontation.

Sources say that the TJAC and Telangana leaders are planning to go underground in the few days to preempt the police from arresting them. Meanwhile, the cops are planning a series of preventive arrests ahead of the 'Chalo Hyderabad March', fearing the large-scale outbreak of violence. The police also have reason to fear because of the vandalism of statues during the Million March in 2010.

The march will mean a face-off between lakhs of people, who are likely to reach the state capital from various parts of Telangana and more than 35, 0000 police personnel deployed to prevent any untoward incident. 

Chief Minster Kiran Kumar Reddy has been trying very hard to get the March postponed in view of the fact that the International Bio-Diversity Conference is scheduled to commence in Hyderabad on 1st October.  Sources claimed that the CM has also requested several cabinet colleagues to mediate with the TJAC leaders and others in this regard including Deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha and many other senior Congress leaders. The CM and many of the cabinet colleagues fear that the brand image of Hyderabad would take a beating if any violent incident marred the proposed March.

Meanwhile, Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) president K. Chandrasekhar Rao has extended his stay in New Delhi  to continue negotiations with Central leaders on the Telangana issue.
The buzz in polictical circles centres around whether KCR would participate in the proposed March.  

- Siva@sakshipost

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