Congress to have early elections this year?

Congress to have early elections this year? - Sakshi Post

The air is thick with rumors of the Congress govt going in for early elections in November this year.  Elections for AP also might be held at the same time.

The  Party's High Command is worried that if they were to wait till 2014, they may not come back to power.  They think that the sudden move might give a jolt to the opposition and the element of surprise will work to their advantage.  It might also prevent BJP and Narendra Modi to further strengthen themselves and snatch away an electoral victory.                        

Assembly elections are going to be held in the states of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh in October and November this year. The Centre is toying with the idea of holding Lok Sabha elections at the same time.

There are telltale signs everywhere. The party propaganda machine is in full gear. The govt  is going all out to get the support of the opposition to agree to pass the food security bill and land acquisition bill projecting them as its pet projects hoping that they will garner  votes of  the aam aadmi. The govt is  even ready to call for a special session of the parliament to get these bills passed.

The UPA Govt thinks that the way it has taken action against corrupt ministers will make a favourable impact on the people. The elders in AICC think that Rahul Gandhi has a good following among the youth, which is another plus point for the party. 

It is hoped that the aam aadmi party started by Arvind Kejriwal will bring in a split in the anti-establishment vote which will ultimately benefit the ruling party. In the face of all these factors advantageous to the govt, it would like to shelve the controversial issue of creating a separate state of Telengana. 

The Centre is seriously debating the question of holding elections in the state of Andhra Pradesh along with the other states in October and November in view of the rapidly deteriorating conditions. It appears to have given Kiran Kumar Reddy - CM of AP - to make an all-out effort to  give publicity for all the welfare schemes introduced by the Congress. It had given directions to the CM to gather intelligence reports on the results if elections to the Lok Sabha  are held  early.

- Sakshipost

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