Congress should clean the mess in AP

Congress should clean the mess in AP - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh's ruling Congress is "manipulating" the situation for its own ends and, had her husband been alive, everything would have been under control, says Y.S. Vijayamma, honorary president of the YSR Congress party . 

Y.S. Vijayamma, the breakaway Congress faction headed by her son Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, feels the "mess" in Andhra Pradesh over the issue of creating a separate state of Telangana is the Congress' own creation.
Vijayalakshmi Reddy, popularly known as Vijayamma, said in an interview that the Congress should clean the "mess they have created in Andhra".
However, she did not clarify her party's position on creation of a separate Telangana state.
Very tactfully, Vijayamma said a decision on Telangana should be left to the "acceptance" of the people of Andhra Pradesh.
"There is a total chaos in Andhra. The Congress is manipulating the situation for their political benefit," Vijayamma said during one of her visits to the national capital.
 "We are not in a position to give or stop Telangana. We just want the Congress government to do it to the justification and acceptance of the people of all regions of Andhra," she said.
Andhra Pradesh is India's fourth largest state by area (275,000 square km.) and fifth largest by population (84.65 million). The Telangana region is spread over 114,000 sq km with a population of 35.28 million - 41.6 percent of the state's population. The Telangana region is a comparatively less developed area of the state.


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