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Congress is worried - Sakshi Post

The way in which ‘tainted’ ministers were abandoned to their fate by the chief minister and the Congress High Command has become a major cause for concern among its partymen.

 Right from the arrest of Mopidevi to removal of Dharmana and Sabitha from the cabinet, the question on everyone’s mind is— will the Government stop at this without asking for more resignations ? The thought is causing heart burn among rest of the ministers.
The moot point is according to business rules, for every GO passed by the Government, the cabinet is collectively responsible. Hence logically the entire cabinet is involved. The ministers are simmering with anger. Had the Government made its stand clear in the beginning itself, the situation would not have deteriorated to this level. Will the Congress party sink along with the tainted ministers? The ministers feel that they were used as pawns in the game plan laid by the Congress and theTDP to restrict Jagan from growing as a powerful political leader in the state
It all began with asking for the resignation of Mopidevi, nobviously to facilitate the arrest of Jagan.  Mopidevi was arrested and forgotten. Then it was the turn of the ministers who received notices from the Supreme Court in the 26 GOs case 26. They were lulled into complacency  by the assurances given by the CM that the Government will give them all the support if the cases ever come up for hearing. But suddenly like a bolt from the blue, the ministers were asked to resign after Chandra Babu Naidu returned from Delhi. Realization had dawned on the rest of the ministers that next it will be their turn to be asked to resign, and it will be useless to continue to place their trust in the CM and the Party.
The Congress leaders in the state opine that the party is digging a grave for itself in their anxiety to target Jagan.  Congress seems bent on a suicidal path by asking its own party ministers to resign, which will certainly do lot of damage to the image of the Congress party in the state. One of the ministers reiterated that all the 26 GOs were issued according to business rules and that they will prove their innocence in the court and come out clean. One or two ministers have already started consulting senior lawyers as they have lost all faith that CM or High command will come to their rescue.

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