Cong caught between devil and the deep blue sea!

Cong caught between devil and the deep blue sea! - Sakshi Post

  Never before in the history of Andhra Pradesh have the moments been so anxious. Even as the last minute meetings of several state leaders with the Central leadership is gaining momentum, an air of uncertainty still persists with several political parties in AP divided over the issue.

While pro-Telangana activists are making last ditch efforts to convince the Centre on granting a separate statehood status to the Telangana region, the Seemandhra leaders are bent upon justifying their stand on a united Andhra!
Although Digvijay Singh has made it clear that the Congress has already made up its mind on a possible solution to the issue and that the same has been communicated to the new Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, the leaders are not willing to wait till the D-Day which is set for January 28. If rumours doing the rounds are anything to go by, then the decision might come in sooner (January 26), considering Shinde's impending Bangladesh tour.
By now the vibes are more or less clear—Delhi hinting that Telangana would be inevitable. However, going by its past records, you never know what to expect!
Speculation is also rife that should the Centre give a green signal to declaring Telangana as a separate state, then TRS in all likelihood will be obligated to merge with the Congress. Not that it makes a great deal of difference to K Chandrasekhara Rao given that the party has nothing to rave about. If at all, the merger will add strength to the weak party. The only hitch will be that KCR will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. The Telangana movement is his baby, remember?
The bottomline is, no matter what the decision, the Congress can never emerge a winner. Especially in this scenario, the party is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Should the Centre say 'No' to a 'T' state, then it must be prepared for the consequences (read unrest, violence, agitations et. al). On the other hand, should the Congress decide to bowl a googly, then it must be willing to lose in the coming elections considering the fact that most political outfits in AP that support United Andhra have majority of votes.
If the Centre decides to take a risk and announce the bold decision, then the long queue of other states will put forth their demands too. Basically, what one can expect then will be a divided and a backward India which will struggle to progress again!
What one doesn't realise now is that we have tried hard to make it thus far, partition again will lead to a number of pieces of land where development will be zero. It also means we should start all over again.
Also, as mentioned above other states that share border with neighbours are closely following the Telangana movement. Either way, it's not a win-win situation at all.
Preparations for future course of action are underway even as we wait for the last word on the bifurcation of the state to be out. But what will be repercussion, nobody knows!

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