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Chennai: The right-wing organisation, Hindu Makkal Katchi has complained to the city Police Commissioner against the actress Jyothika for acting in an objectionable scene in yesterday released film Naachiyaar. Hindu Makkal Katchi has found objection to a scene in the film and have complained on her as well as the director of the film.

Jyothika is seen playing the role of a police officer in Naachiyaar and has received applause from all the quarters for her extra-ordinary performance in the film. Naachiyaar, directed by Bala, has courted controversy right from the day the teaser was released in November last year. Earlier a case was filed against the actor Jyothika and also the film's director Bala because of the dialogues that were used in the teaser.

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The earlier petition alleged that Jyothika used abusive language in the film. According to the said petition, the words used by Jyothika in the film denigrates women and is hurting the sentiments of the people.

After this case, the released version has lots of sequences wherein the dialogues have been beeped. And the makers were confident there won't be any more controversy for the film to release. After yesterday's release of Naachiyaar, the right-wing organisation has come out in public criticising the film and Jyothika's dialogue.

Hindu Makkal Katchi publicity division head Kali Kumar mentioned in his complaint to police commissioner that there is a dialogue uttered by Jyothika in the film which is objectionable. In the film Jyothika says, "To us (police) temples and garbage dumps are one and the same." He mentioned that the dialogue was insulting Hindu temples and was hurting the sentiments of people. He demanded that the objectionable scene has to be deleted from the film and action has to be initiated against actor Jyothika and the director Bala.

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