Comedian Ali wishes to contest from Rajahmundry

Comedian Ali wishes to contest from Rajahmundry - Sakshi Post

Film comedian Ali will contest from Rajahmundry in the coming elections.

Speaking to the reporters after participating in the youth festival held at GIET college in Rajahmundry, he said, “The people from all the three regions in Andhra Pradesh are asking me to contest from their region only. But, I am interested to contest from my native place Rajahmundry only.”

When the reporters asked him the name of the party he joins, he replied “Katravalli Party.”

“Eventhough Pawan Kalyan is a close person to me, it is not needed to share everything with me,” commented Ali.

The comedian said that Pawan shared with him nothing about his Janasena Party.

He advised the youth to elect only those persons who worked hard.

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