CM's Indiramma Baata plunges villages into darkness

CM's Indiramma Baata plunges villages into darkness - Sakshi Post

Many villages in West Godavari district went without power for nearly 20 hours — thanks to the Chief Minister’s Indiramma Bata programme scheduled to begin today.

Kiran Kumar Reddy's programme has plunged 30 villages into complete darkness. Several areas in the district didn't have electricity for at least 24 hours.
The reason behind is not shutting down of any power plants, gas allocation crisis or simply for a helicopter to take off! The massive breakdown was caused by CM’s scheduled Indiramma Baata programme. It's not a surprise!
The power cuts came as a shocker for the villagers as the electricity authorities had directed all the village substations to ensure that helicopter carrying Kiran Kumar Reddy is safe from touching electrical wires during landing, when parked during the visit and during take off. 
What's more appalling is the fact that the power was cut off to prevent electrical wires from  obstructing the operation of CM’s helicopter 24 hours before his scheduled arrival!
Angry residents blamed the government and the chief minister, and said no concrete steps have been taken so far for the welfare of the villages despite bearing all the inconveniences.
The furious villagers lashed out at electricity officials only to be told they were helpless themselves and were only following the orders from their higher officials.

Cattle in attendance

Generally, political leaders distribute money to pull crowds for their meetings and protests. But in case of our CM’s Indiramma Bata programme, it is a different scene altogether. While the CM’s West Godavari loyalists are making every effort to pull the crowd by distributing money, the CM wants cattle for his meeting!.
Apparently, 1,000 sheep have been booked for CM's 3-day Indiramma Baata programme. However, nobody has a clue about the need for sheep. Besides cattle owners have been asked not to venture out of the village for the next three days. What does the CM have in mind? For now, it's going to be a wait and watch situation.

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