CM does a foot-in-mouth!

CM does a foot-in-mouth! - Sakshi Post

  Agreed that Delhi gangrape case is a widely discussed topic with people from every strata of society offering their opinion. However, it doesn't mean that you give your view without giving it a thought! It is more important to think twice before you speak if you happen to be a politician.

Imagine a senior leader from the ruling party making a damaging statement just for the heck of getting rid of reporters? And what if the person happens to be the head of state? Wondering who we are taking about? Well, it's none other than our Chief Minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy.
The gaffe happened at the Visakhapatnam airport on Wednesday when CM was returning from his three-day Indiramma Baata programme. When one of the reporters asked Kiran Reddy as to what precautions he would take for the safety of woman in the backdrop of the Delhi incident, the CM without even batting an eyelid quickly replied, "People who rape do not tom tom before they do the act, so what precautions are you talking about."
Only after the reporter expressed shock and disbelief over the CM's insensitive response did he realise that he had blindly said something for the heck of it!
The CM, realising his folly soon corrected himself saying, "The government will take the necessary steps."
Dear CM, you do need a crash course in public speaking!




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