Climate Reality Leader speaks to Loyola students

Climate Reality Leader speaks to Loyola students - Sakshi Post

Obadya Ray Shaguri a high profile Climate Reality Leader trained by Nobel laureate and former US Vice-president Al Gore led a climate reality talk on the science of climate change and solutions for the climate crisis while developing skills to effectively communicate about both the challenges and opportunities, at Loyola Academy, Alwal.

The climate change awareness talk which was attended by about 500 students focus on India's renewable energy potential, as well as the key role the country plays in the lead up to the highly anticipated COP 21 climate negotiations in Paris at the end of the year.

The world-class expert spoke on a variety of topics relevant to India and climate change, including its effects on the Hyderabad city and the country, opportunities for renewable solutions, and how students’ engagement can benefit in solving the climate crisis. 

"There are many reasons to be optimistic about our ability to solve the climate crisis," said Obadya. "The Climate Reality Talk at Loyola Academy gives me yet another reason to be hopeful. After this awareness talk, these students will be aware and empowered to communicate this message of hope to their own friends, families and communities," he added.

Obadya is committed to raise awareness among a minimum number of 10,000 students in the city before he heads to the 11th Conference of Youth on climate change (COY11) will be held in Paris this November. This event will be a decisive step for youth climate mobilization ahead of COP21.

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