Class 9 Girl’s Kidnap Attempt Foiled By 60-Year-Old Man

Jagadeesh Goud who saved the girl and kidnappers  - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Two men trying to kidnap a 9th class girl were caught by a local man at Hayath Nagar on city outskirts on Wednesday. The miscreants, who were drunk at the time of offence, were handed over to police.

The miscreants waited for the girl to come out of school and hurled her into the car they were driving and tried to flee. A 60-year-old man who knew the girl suspected something wrong and followed the car on his bike. He could stop the car by putting his bike in front of the car and pulled out one of the miscreants.

Jagadeesh Goud fought the drunk men to rescue the girl, but still the accused tried to drive away. But their car went off the road and got stuck in a field. Other locals gathered and caught one of them. They roughed him up and handed over to the police. The other suspect tried to run away but was arrested by a search party later.

LB Nagar DCP Tafseer Iqubal said, "The miscreants were identified as R. Ramesh, 38, who owns the car for taxi, and his driver Srikanth, 28."

"They got drunk and were driving through a village near Mahidpur, where the girl was walking along the road heading to her home. They came from opposite direction, stopped the car and pull her into the car. The road was deserted, while few other students were walking 100 meters away from the victim," the DCP said.

Jagadeesh Goud, who is a farmer in the same area, said that he saw the girl screaming from a distance. "I drove faster and stopped my bike in front of their car. Since both were drunk, they got scared and fled from the spot," he said.

He soon called the police from his mobile phone and alerted the locals, who chased the car on the nearest field and caught the predator. "A police team came within few minutes and arrested the second person also," said a local person.

Police suspect that the duo has been waiting for a chance to kidnap the girl for a while. "It looks like a planned attempt. The girl’s mental health is not so perfect, and the duo might have been trying to take advantage of that," a police official said.

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