Chiranjeevi views campaigning duty as a challenge

Chiranjeevi views campaigning duty as a challenge - Sakshi Post

  Union minister and Congress campaigning committee chairman Chiranjeevi is taking up the campaigning duty as a challenge.

Speaking at ‘Meet the Press’ organised in Vijayawada on Monday, he said, “Only Congress party can develop both the state and the country."  

Chiranjeevi said that Polavaram project became possible only with the bifurcation of the state. He added that better results could be expected only with the bifurcation.

“We started ‘Bus tour’ amid some distress. But, the party leaders at the bottom level are rejuvenating us,” said Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi said that hard situations were not new for the Congress party.

“The foundations of our party are so strong. All those who are leaving the party are incapable persons and elders. Chandrababu is viewing the cycle as a bull dozer,” commented Chiranjeevi.
- Sakshipost

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