Chiranjeevi's futile attempts to woo BCs

Chiranjeevi's futile attempts to woo BCs - Sakshi Post

The growing influence of the YSRP on the BCs has put the Congress in a quandary. It is now the turn of Rajya Sabha member, Chiranjeevi to seek more seats for BCs.

Ciranjeevi  demanded that more seats be allotted to Backward Classes in law-making bodies, and the creation of a sub-plan for BCs on the lines of SCs and STs.

Analysts believe that Chiranjeevi wants to become BC leader overnight. The former film star thinks that he counter the surging tide of popularity for YSRCP with his demand. He is also trying to take on the TDP, according to political observers.

It is worth mentioning here that Chiranjeevi, who was the founder of the Praja Rajyam party, had given more than 100 seats to BCs in 2009 general elections. It is equally important to point out that he could not win the hearts of the large BC populace in the state that time. In fact, his party was not able to win over many BC leaders to its side at that time.

After merging his party with the Congress party, Chiranjeevi thinks that he can make a name for himself and emerge as the foremost BC leader.

  The YSRCP honorary president, YS Vijayamma  made a proposal to assign 100 assembly seats to representatives from the backward classes has created a storm in political circles and not knowing how to react they are coming up with all kinds of proposals, most of which don't appear to be viable.

Just two days after her historic proposal, the President of the BC welfare association  of the backward classes R Krishniah, welcomed it and felicitated Vijayamma. BCs across AP were overjoyed with Vijayamma's proposal.
After seeing all this, Chiranjeevi seems to be exerting pressure on the Congress party to allocate maximum number of seats for BCs and also create a Sub-Plan for them.



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