Chiranjeevi protests against by standing in RS

Chiranjeevi protests against by standing in RS - Sakshi Post

Union ministers from Seemandhra region continued their protests in the Rajya Sabha over the bifurcation process of the state.

MPs K.V.P.Ramachandra Rao, Sujana Chowdhury and C.M.Ramesh protested at the podium of the chairman of the upper house by displaying anti-bifurcation placards.

Union Minister Chiranjeevi protested over state bifurcation by standing at his seat silently.  

Senior BJP leader M.Venkaiah Naidu requested the chairman of the house to resume the proceedings only after setting the house in order.  

He also questioned the Chairman as to how he could run the  house when the central ministers were protesting. Some MPs also asked the chairman to put the house in order first before starting the proceedings.


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