Chiranjeevi calls for eradicating child labour

Chiranjeevi calls for eradicating child labour - Sakshi Post

The society should work towards eradicating child labor and uplift the rescued children as responsible citizens, Union Tourism Minister K Chiranjeevi said today.

Addressing a gathering of children on the occasion of Children's Day today, Chiranjeevi said India's first Prime Minister late Pt Jawaharlal Nehru always mingled with the youngsters to make them good citizens. He urged the society to help in eradication of child labour and facilitating a better life for those children. The teachers should also play a more active role in identifying the qualities of children and groom them as good personalities, he said.

Citing the example, Chiranjeevi said during his school days, his science teacher taught lessons in an interesting way, raising the enthusiasm of students, and due to this he still remembers those lessons. More than 20,000 students from various schools attended the Children's Day celebration and thronged to greet Chiranjeevi on the dais.

Will develop the Kuchipudi village as tourist spot

Also Chiranjeevi has assured that he will take initiatives to develop Kuchipudi village as an important national tourist destination. The village requires better infrastructure to develop as a tourist destination, Chiranjeevi said adding that he will look after all issues to improve the infrastructure at the village. Kuchipudi village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh is known for the origination of a famous classical dance form by the same name. During a Children's Day programme here, the minister specifically mentioned the importance of Kuchipudi village and the dance style. He said he will take initiatives to co-ordinate with the cultural department to make the village as an important place. Kuchipudi classical dance did not receive sufficient importance due to lack of marketing and publicity, he said.


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