Chintu Shot Videos of his Plot Before Killing Katari Couple

Chintu Shot Videos of his Plot Before Killing Katari Couple - Sakshi Post

Chittoor: Chintu alias Chandrasekhar had plotted the murder of Chittoor Mayor Katari Anuradha and her husband Mohan for six months before he killed them both on November 17.He made videos of his plan and shared them with his accomplices, all of whom conducted reke for at least three times in two months prior to actually killing his main target Anuradha and later uncle Mohan.

All this was confessed by the accused Chintu before the police, according to the SP Srinivas who told the media on Monday that the videos from his mobile and the laptop of one of his accomplices have been siezed.

The motive for the murder was Chintu's frustration over not getting married even at the age of 35 as he was portrayed as a criminal by Anuradha, the accused is reportedly told the police. There were disputes over a wine shop business and some other financial matters, he revealed. Chintu approached all those who are against the mayor couple and took their help in execution of his murder plan, police said. The police have arrested 23 people in the case and two more are to be arrested.

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