Chandrababu tapes: Chandrababu slammed

Chandrababu tapes: Chandrababu slammed - Sakshi Post

Several political leaders have responded to the latest media revelation of Chandrababu's telephonic conversation with the TRS MLA as part of the Cash for Vote scam. Here are some of the responses. 

YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy: " When Chandrababu is caught in crime, instead of accepting his mistake, he is trying to divert the issue and make it a AP vs Telangana state. Chandrababu must resign immediately" 

C.Ramachandrayy, Congress: I am very sure that the voice in tape is that of Chandrababu. The tapes can be tested in Forensic lab and Babu must resign until he proves his innocence

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