Chandrababu set to have two more convoys

Chandrababu set to have two more convoys - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu appears all set get two more convoys all in the name of security.

It is learnt that two more convoys will be added officially to Chandrababu's fleet.
The TDP chief is already having a luxury SUV's for his convoy and it is being used in Hyderabad and nearby areas. Currently, the same convoy is being used throughout the state. Sometimes, police are left with no option but to use reserved bullet proof vehicles for him in some places.
Officials are saying Chandrababu would be visiting Vijayawada and Gutunr every week after the works on the new capital commence.
Due to this, the government had decided to order two more new convoys to Chandrababu. One convoy will be kept in Vijyawada, while the other will be in CM's native district of Chittoor.

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