Chandrababu Naidu, what's on your mind?

Chandrababu Naidu, what's on your mind? - Sakshi Post

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TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu shelved the idea of bus yatra for now. What next?

Ever since Chandrababu Naidu announced his decision to postpone his bus yatra, political circles is abuzz with rumors on what Naidu is up to.

While some say he's stuck to the confines of his home, a few others maintain that the TDP chief is planning a big strategy to come out of the situation which is not at all favorable to him either in the Seemandhra region or Telangana region.
Sources say, Naidu is breaking his head over his future strategy.

According to reliable sources, Chandrababu Naidu conducted a survey in both Seemandhra as well as the Telanagana region. However, the results were far from impressive.

It is learnt that Eenadu group chairman Ramoji Rao has directed Naidu to maintain silence on the issue.

It seems Naidu may be stuck between the devil and the deep sea. The grouse of Telangana people is that when Naidu, a politician from Seemandhra region  is not willing to fight for the rights of his own people, what can they expect from him for their region.

Either way, the situation is anything but favourable for Naidu to try any political gimmicks. The TDP chief must be missing all the campaign action considering polls are not too far away.

It will be interesting to watch how Naidu will deal with the situation - will he come up with a solution or continue to stay mum till things cool down?

- Siva@Sakshipost

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