Chandrababu, how much money have you stored in foreign banks?

Chandrababu, how much money have you stored in foreign banks? - Sakshi Post

Complete honesty is never expected from a politician when the latter is declaring their assets before elections. However, Chandrababu seems to have taken the reveal-as-little-as-possible philosophy to another level.

Before elections, the TDP supremo declared his assets at a modest Rs. 42.06 lakh and said that he has assets worth  Rs 23.20 lakh. He added that in savings bank account, he has accounts worth Rs. 17.33 lakh.

However, it seems he has forgotten to mention details of his foreign assets. But, Kolla Mohan Krishna, his once trusted aide, has not forgotten those details. 

Speaking to reporters on Thursday he said that Chandrababu has Rs  4.9 core and Rs 878 crores at Daishi and Credit Suisse banks in Singapore respectively and Rs 1,284 crore in NatWest Bank.

Apart from this, he also earned Rs 3,600 crores after selling his hotel in Singapore.  

He lambasted Chandrababu of not declaring all these assets, instead mentioning only Rs 42 crores in the election affidavit. 

"Chandrababu has taken 5 crores after promising me an MP seat from Machilipatnam. He has cheated me and has not even returned my money. He even had me kidnapped twice," Kolla added.  


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