Centre make circumvent ratification of Prez rule in Andhra Pr

Centre make circumvent ratification of Prez rule in Andhra Pr - Sakshi Post

The Centre is toying with the idea of revoking President's rule in Andhra Pradesh and reimposing it immediately to circumvent the need for convening a special session of Parliament in the midst of Lok Sabha polls to ratify central rule in the state.

The move could help the central government gain two more months before approaching  Parliament for the mandatory ratification of President's rule in Andhra Pradesh.

Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh are being held along with the Lok Sabha polls.

Officials sources said since Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 7 and continue till May 12, it is difficult to convene Parliament just for the ratification of the President's rule as most of the MPs are busy in electioneering.

Any proclamation under Article 356 imposing Central rule needs to be ratified by Parliament within two months.

Sources pointed out a provision in the Constitution which says that Any such Proclamation may be revoked or varied by a subsequent Proclamation.

But, the government could face tough questions if the move is challenged in a court.

However, a final decision will be taken by the Union Cabinet as there is no such precedence.

President's rule was imposed in Andhra Pradesh on March 1 after Kiran Kumar Reddy resigned as Chief Minister following Parliament's nod for the bifurcation of the state to create Telangana




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