CCTV Captures Car Ramming Woman And Granddaughter In A Hit And Run 

CCTV grab of hit and run in Ahmedabad - Sakshi Post

Ahmedabad: An elderly woman and a teenage girl were hit by a speeding car while they were crossing the busy street here on Saturday. The older woman lost her life while the teen received multiple fractures. The car sped away without stopping.

CCTV grabs show the two women flying into the air after being hit by a red coloured Hyundai i20. After the accused sped away without even slowing down, the younger person is seen getting up and making her way to the older woman who is seen lying down on the road motionless.

63-year-old Jaineth Thomas was killed and her teen granddaughter suffered multiple fractures in the accident on Saturday. The car and the driver have not been found yet.

According to the police Ms Thomas had come from Mumbai to visit her daughter and had gone shopping with her granddaughter Prisha, 15, on the fateful day.

People who had gathered there immediately after the accident helped the women who were taken to the hospital where Jaineth was declared dead and her granddaughter treated for multiple fractures.

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