CCS Notice to RGV Over Obscene GST Film

Mia Malkova and RGV - Sakshi Post

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is back in news. The director is known for speaking his mind out without mincing words. But more often than not his words take the social media by storm.

It's common knowledge that the director was recently in news for his web series God, Sex and Truth featuring a firang actor Mia Malkova. The porn star was also trending on the social media and overtook Sunny Leone in popularity.

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Now, we already told you that women's group had protested against the release of the RGV digital movie calling it against the culture of the country. However, after much controversy the short film did see the light of the day on the video platform vimeo. But after it became popular, the company removed the video from its site saying one had to pay to watch the film.

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The latest we hear is that the Central Crime Station has sent notices to Ram Gopal Varma over obscenity. He was summoned to appear before them to explain himself. However, reports doing the rounds suggest that RGV's lawyer explained the non-availability of the filmmaker as he was busy with the shoot of his film with Nagarjuna in Mumbai.

RGV is believed to have said that he will appear if the police sent him a notice again which the CCS is planning to do.Watch this space for updates.

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