CBI repeats parrot wise, the words of its political bosses

CBI repeats parrot wise, the words of its political bosses - Sakshi Post

  The Supreme Cout took into consideration the arguments of the senior lawyers on behalf of Jagan that the CBI is trying to keep him in prison on the pretext of investigation, with the end being, nowhere in sight.

The Supreme court directed the CBI to complete its investigation, and file a final chargesheet within four months. Thereafter the appellants—Jagan, Nimmagadda Prasad and Vijayasai Reddy can move the trial court for bail. The trial court can take up the bail petitions, independently without reference to the present appeal, the judge ruled.

Bail for Jagan:
The Supreme Court took into consideration the arguments of CBI that it will take 4 to 6 months  to file the final chargesheet. It agreed with the arguments of the CBI that when the investigation is in a critical stage, there is a possibility that Jagan, if he is out on bail, will influence the witnesses, and tamper with the material evidence. The lawyers on behalf of Jagan argued that he has no contacts with any higher ups in the government, but the court said that they cannot ignore the apprehensions of the CBI in the light of financial transactions where huge sums are involved.

The CBI lawyer, Ashok Bhan, in an open defiance of the court directions, says the investigation might extend beyond four months. His words clearly indicate that he is being used as a political tool. His words in verbatim: "The investigation might take more than four months. Our officers are abroad. If the information is not received in time, we will ask for an extension. We will prepare the ground work that is needed to file another petition."
The CBI has filed 5 chargesheets so far, according to which Jagan's investments totals Rs 1,030 crores. It also said that it has to take up investigation on another Rs 2,500 crores of investments.
But each time the CBI changes its stance. At one point, it says the investments total 40 thousand crores, and at another 50 thousand crores, repeating parrot wise what the TDP says. It is a political vendetta which is directing CBI's investigation against Jagan.
MLA  Shankar Rao who filed the case against him was made a minister. This is the real quid pro quo. The Judge who examined the case filed by Shankar Rao was made the chairman of State Human Rights Commission even though he did not know a single word of Telugu. There were even protests in the state regarding his appointment.
Jagan was arrested 24 hours before he was due in court, but was not questioned for 9 months after which three chargesheets were filed against him.  The CBI continues to file chargesheets not at one time, but piecemeal. The political vendetta started with harassment of his family, and mudsling them, by getting some newspapers to publish untrue stories about them. 
CBI behaves like a political opponent to Jagan, submitting different reports in different courts and affidavits. Its assurance to the Supreme Court which directed it to file a single chargesheet is an empty promise, not adhered to.
There is only one conclusion to be drawn in this sordid story of conspiracy between the CBI and its political bosses. It is an attempt to malign a leader with immense popularity among the common people, and destroy his party and political fortunes. CBI investigates the corrupt practices of others, but who will rein in a tainted CBI?




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