CAPITAL ISSUE - What's your take?

CAPITAL ISSUE - What's your take? - Sakshi Post

* In 1953, the house debated for five long days to decide on the capital.

This time around, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu wants to make an announcement on the possible site of the capital. The TDP wants a discussion only after the statement is made. But, YSRCP strongly feels that there is no use of debating on an issue which the government had already taken a decision. What is the prudent way?

* Is the TDP trying to evade discussion on the topic of capital site?

* Why is Sivaramakrishnan Committee report is being side-tracked? Why is the government acting in haste and why is it not waiting for the report to be released?

* Is the choice of Vijayawada driven by pro-TDP real estate lobby?

What is your take on this? Do respond! Speak up on the all-important topic that will have significant bearing on the future of Andhra Pradesh.

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