TDP using item songs to woo voters?

TDP using item songs to woo voters? - Sakshi Post

Wooing voters with imaginative strategies is an important aspect for all political parties, however sometimes , in their quest to attract voters, some parties go overboard. Similarly, Telugu Desam Party's latest stunt has irked many a woman voter.  

Usually, when leaders are called for a meet, traditional folk songs and dances are organised. However, on Thursday, in Vijayawada, during TDP's public meet an item song, modeled on Gabbar Singh's songs, was presented by the party's  Mahila Garjana.  

The song chosen was 'Kevvu Keka', and the organisers used their own lyrics, praising TDP and Chandrababu Naidu.  The choice of the song,  and the subsequent reaction of the party cadres, who were dancing in an unruly manner, embarrassed the women who came to attend the meet.  

Many women added that they have not seen the use of item songs during campaigning in any political party. They pointed out that such a programme will work out for movie promotions not for campaigning.


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