C'mon Pawan! You can't keep silent anymore!!

C'mon Pawan! You can't keep silent anymore!! - Sakshi Post

Remember Jana Sena Party? The party that power star Pawan Kalyan floated just before the elections to question politicians. The question now is where is the star and when will he question the present crop of politicians?

The actor has completely disappeared from the scene. He is nowhere to be seen, not even a presser nor a visit to console the victims of  GAIL and Beas tragedy.

Pawan had promised that he would take the rulers to task. Now that the BJP has effected a steep hike in train fares, petrol prices and kerosene prices, where is Pawan, the political watchers are asking.

Though Chandrababu Naidu has doled out several promises, nothing has been put into action so far. Chandrababu failed to give any time-frame as to when he would fulfill his pre-poll promises.  

Many are hoping that he would question Chandrababu and BJP government? He is deafeningly silent and is deeply into film shootings. This has been drawing flak from all corners.

Pawan! When will you question? 


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