Step Aside Chetak, TVS’s New Electric Bike Is Here

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Johnson D’Souza

Electric transport options have been stealing the limelight. Two-wheeler markets had its own share of electric vehicles but among the leading two-wheeler brands in India, Bajaj had come out, rebranding its most iconic Chetak, into a stylish moped that took the same design, curved its edges a little and switched its petrol engine with a battery-operated motor. Well, guess who showed up to the party a little late, but with a bang? TVS unveiled its newest offering to the electric vehicle market, the TVS iQube Electric.

The TVS iQube comes with a stylish design that in a way mimics the new TVS Access, but it sure is not as big as the Burgman. It has u shaped Daytime running light cluster in the handle and its headlights and indicators are housed on the dome in between the headlights and the front wheel arch. All of it is integrated with LED lights. The boot of the iQube is big enough to fit in a full-sized helmet, but that's not it, it comes equipped with a charging port and another set of LED lights to illuminate the boot.

The TVS iQube also comes with a Telescopic suspension for the front and a Hydraulic Twin Tube Shock Absorber for the rare. This will ensure the smoothness of the ride to match with its competition. The bike is tested to be water and dust resistant. The front wheel has a 220 mm disk brake and the rare has a 130 mm drum brakes.

The bike boasts of a ground clearance of 115 mm and goes from 0 – 40 in about 4.2 seconds. That is not a very impressive number when put in words, but it actually matched up to many commercial mopeds on the road now. It produces 140 nm of torque. On a full charge, the TVS can go up to 75 km on a single charge that happens over-night. For a daily commute of 30 km, this bike can go 2 days without charge and avoids the queues you have to deal with at petrol pumps. With its 4.4KW output, you can push the bike to speeds as fast as 78 kmph.

TVS has priced it at Rs 1,15,000 which placed right in between Chetak’s two different variants, making it clever as this is the only variant they are coming out with.

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