Top 5 Jobs Where Women Broke The Glass Ceiling

Top 5 Jobs Where Women Broke The Glass Ceiling - Sakshi Post

Throughout history, the central role of women in our society has assured the progress, stability, and long-term development of nations. During the Second World War, many women worked as nurses, repaired airplanes, drove trucks, and even helped in building ships. Even today we can see that women are excelling in every field possible. However, statistically speaking, the labour market is significantly gender-segregated. Many of the occupations are highly dominated by either men or women.

In this article, we are going to take look at 5 fields where women rule.


Women In Education

At present, women make up for a larger share of educationists than ever before. Education is a vast category, which is extensive and includes school, undergrad, post graduation and doctoral studies. When we speak statistically, the percentage of females in the teaching profession is much higher.

2. Hospitality Industry

Women in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is deemed to be one of the largest employers for women. The hospitality industry has changed significantly over the past 60 years, particularly regarding women and gender equality. Along with the growth and globalization of the sector, opportunities for women to fill an active and rewarding role within the hospitality workplace have greatly increased around the world.

3. Nurses

Women As Nurses

Currently,females make up the majority of the field of nursing. Historically, women have made up a large majority of the profession and academic discipline of nursing. Statistically, 92% of registered nurses in the world are females.

4.Child-Care Providers

Women as Child-care providers

Child-care providers make up for a diverse team of professionals who protect our children and ensure their well-being while parents are at work. This group includes teachers, nurses, day-care workers, nutritionists, and other team members found at day-care centres. Other positions include tutors helping children with homework and school preparation. Females majorly dominate this field.

5.Public Relation Services

Women in PR

Research shows women are mainly drawn to PR because they are collaborative and social in group settings which are necessary skills for PR. They prefer to work in a team. Besides skill sets, women are also drawn to the PR industry because of its time flexibility which can help them in managing a career and family obligations. Women can still be that stay-at-home-mom and have a full-time job because some work allows you to work remotely. Hence, this field is majorly dominated by females.

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