Hyderabad, 4 September 2019 – Santoor, India’s leading soap brand, roped in Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu for its new multi-media campaign. This is the second time the Telugu Super Star is associated with Santoor.

Anil Chugh, President - Consumer Care Business, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, said, “Through Santoor advertising we tell a new story about ‘Mistaken Age’ in 30 seconds. Focus of our communication is on the Santoor protagonist and key message of Younger Looking Skin. Celebrities helps us to deliver this message sharply in the film, apart from helping to break the clutter and gain high brand recall. Over the years we have carefully chosen celebrities for Santoor. Keeping the essence of Santoor in mind, stars Varun Dhawan, Mahesh Babu and Karthi were the perfect fit to tell our new story of the Santoor Woman.”

Santoor’s new communication includes a TV commercial that presents the brand’s signature campaign of mistaken identity and the core proposition of Younger Looking Skin in a new light.

Capturing India’s passion for cricket, the commercial is filmed in a stadium with the backdrop of a cricket match where Mahesh Babu is in the stands enjoying the match. Suddenly a sixer wings his way and while Mahesh attempts to catch the ball. It is caught by the protagonist. Looking at the protagonist he feels she can be a new female lead for his next film. While the protagonist is rejoicing, a little girl runs up to the reveler shouting ‘Mummy’, which leaves Mahesh and everyone around surprised.

While talking about his association with the brand, Mahesh Babu said, “Santoor is a brand that has always celebrated womanhood and I have been with the brand for nearly six years now. It is one of the leading brands in the country right now and I am really proud that I am associated with them.”

For over 35 years, Santoor has delivered on the promise of “Younger Looking Skin" through superior product offerings using natural ingredients. Keeping this positioning consistent, Wipro has periodically modernized its campaigns to stay relevant to its target segment. The key strength of Santoor is its consistency and uniformity in communicating the core proposition of younger looking skin and at the same time reflect the aspirations of their consumers.

Launched in 1986 as a natural ingredient soap, Santoor is packed with the natural goodness of Sandal and Turmeric. Over the years the brand has grown from a single soap brand to soap variants, talcum powder, deodorants, liquid soap, handwash, facewash and so on and has been constantly launching new brand variants and new products in tune with market demands and needs. Santoor remains as one of the most aggressive personal care brands in India.

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