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The report titled “India Medical Consumables Market Outlook to 2023 – Driven by Surge in adoption of Innovative Medical consumable products coupled with Rising Outpatient Revenue” provides a comprehensive analysis of medical consumables market in India. The report focuses on overall market size for medical consumable products in India; India medical services market segmentation By Type of business activity (Local production, Import), By Mode of selling (Distributor mediated, Direct sales), By Type of Medical consumables (Wound care, syringes, sutures, catheters, IV cannulas, IV sets, blood bag, ostomy, needles and others), By catheters (Urinary and PIV, Cardiovascular catheter, Haemodialysis catheter and others), By others (HME Filters, Endotracheal tubes and Tracheostomy tubes), By Sutures (Absorbable sutures and Non-absorbable sutures), By Absorbable sutures (Synthetic suture and Catgut suture), By wound care (Traditional Wound Care and Advanced Wound Care), By Traditional wound care (Gauze, dressing, Tape and Bandage and Compression Bandage and Plasters), By Advanced Wound Care (Dressings and Devices), By Advanced Wound care Dressings (Advanced Silver Dressings, Foam, Collagen, Hydrocolloid and Alginate), By Advanced Wound care Devices (Negative Pressure wound therapy, Pressure Relief and Hyperbaric), By type of material for wound care market (Glass, Plastic and Textile), By Blood Bags Market (Single bags, Multiple bags and Inline filter bags), By Multiple Blood Bags Market (Double bags, Triple bags and Quadruple bags), By End user (Hospitals, Clinics and Dispensaries and others) and By Region (South, North, West and East). The report also covers the overall comparative landscape, trends and growth drivers, issues and challenge, decision making parameters, SWOT analysis and Government regulations in the market. The report concludes with future projections for all the segments and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

India Medical Consumables Market Overview and Size

Medical consumables market in India is at a growth stage and has significant potential to grow in the country. The market encompasses of several products from basic cotton gauze to complex collagen-based dressings, sutures, catheters and others. The country’s medical consumables market revenues were observed to grow during the review period 2013-2018. Incline in incidences of accidents and diseases in the country coupled with rise in number of cosmetic surgeries and surgical births aided towards the growth of medical consumables market in the last few years. The market is highly dependent on the local production and the market continues to expand at a steady pace. The market is price sensitive, which explains the growing presence of local manufacturers of medical consumables. Major factors impacting demand are population growth, steady economic growth and hospital expansion and upgrading.

India Medical consumables Market Segmentations

By Business Activity (Local production and Imports): The Indian market is a mix of both imported and domestically manufactured medical consumables. The local production dominated the medical consumables market in India. The international companies such as Triage Meditech Pvt. Ltd, B Braun Medical Pvt. Ltd and others have established their manufacturing unit in India owing to the low medical consumables manufacturing.

By Mode of Selling: Distributor mediated sales have accounted for the largest share of revenue in India medical consumables market in 2018. The medical consumable companies including both the international and domestic choose a distributor mediated network so as to spread the business in different regions of the country. Direct sales are low owing to the lack of awareness about the medical consumables companies.

By Type of Medical Consumable: Wound care products were observed to dominate the medical consumable product category segment in 2018 owing to the increasing number of accidents and surgeries in India. Also, the wound care products are in demand both by the hospitals, other health care centers and general public for their first aid owing to which the market generates the highest revenue share in the medical consumables industry in India. The market is followed by syringes, sutures, catheters, IV Cannula, IV Sets, blood bags, ostomy, needles and others which include consumables such as HME filters, endotracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes.

By Catheters: Urinary and PIV catheters have accounted for the highest revenue share in India medical consumables market in 2018. The rising diseases such as bladder obstruction, urinary retention, urinary incontinence, and bladder cancers in India are leading to the growth of this market. The market was followed by Cardiovascular in 2018, owing to the high number of cardiac diseases in the country followed by Haemodialysis catheter and other catheters.

By Wound care: Traditional wound care is the primary treatment approach in India. Owing to perception of high cost-low benefit for advanced wound care products, the use of traditional products has been rampant. The segment has witnessed huge demand for products such as cotton, gauge, dressings and bandages. These products are affordable by everyone and enjoy high adoption in medical institutions, clinics and end consumers. Among the traditional wound care products in India, Gauze contributed the highest revenue share whereas in the advanced wound care market dressing was the market dominator.

By Advanced wound care dressings: Advanced silver dressings were the most widely used product in the advanced wound care dressings segment. Better healing and anti-microbial properties of advanced dressings has witnessed adoption in the country and was observed to occupy massive revenue share in the market. Advanced silver dressing was followed by Foam, Collagen, Hydrocolloid, and alginate products in the advanced wound care dressing product segment in 2018 respectively.

By Advanced wound care devices: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is the most popular device used in advanced wound management and comprised for the largest market share in 2018. Effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy in treating acute and chronic wounds such as leg ulcers, decubitus ulcers, skin grafts, vascular surgery wounds, burns and several others has been key factor driving its adoption across hospitals, clinics, and homecare settings. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy was followed by Pressure relief devices and hyperbaric oxygen therapy devices.

By Sutures: Absorbable sutures are the most commonly used sutures in India and increasing awareness about these absorbable sutures among the general public has also resulted in the growth of absorbable sutures leading to the highest revenue share in the sutures segment of medical consumables in 2018 followed by non-absorbable sutures. In the absorbable sutures category, synthetic sutures dominated the market followed by catgut suture.

By Blood bags: Multiple blood bags were the most widely used in the blood bags segment owing to the increasing surgeries and blood donations in the country where these bags are widely used. The multiple blood bags dominated the blood bag market in terms of revenue share in 2018. Multiple blood bags were followed by Single blood bag and Inline filter blood bag. In the multiple blood bags segment, Triple blood bag has highest share followed by double blood bag and Quadruple bags.

By End User: Hospitals both public and private are the major end users of medical consumables and have witnessed the highest revenue share in India medical consumables market in 2018. The increasing number of hospitals and the adoption of the advanced facilities at these hospitals are leading to the growth of this end user segment in the country.

India Medical Consumable Competition Overview

India medical consumables market is highly fragmented due to the presence of large number of international companies and local distributors leading to dilution of market share. The each product category of the medical consumables has a huge number of companies in the market making each product category fragmented in the market. The international companies distribute their products through authorized distributors located across India and few have also set up their manufacturing unit in the country. Some of the major companies such as 3M, Coloplast India, Johnson & Johnson, Hindustan syringes and medical devices, Romson group, Terumo Penpol India Pvt. Ltd., B Braun Medical India Pvt. Ltd., India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd., Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd. were witnessed to lead in terms of market share in different medical consumable category followed by Sutures India, Polymed, Fresenius Medical Care India Pvt. Ltd., Smith and Nephew Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Datt Mediproduct and others.

India Medical Consumables Future Outlook and Projections

The country’s medical consumables market revenues are further estimated to grow in terms of revenue. The increasing manufacturing of medical consumables in country would lead to a massive growth in the volume of medical consumables which would result in the downfall of the value in the market. Aging population along with increase in number of hospitals and clinics, increase in total healthcare expenditure by the government and increase in medical tourism in the country are going to impact the demand for medical consumables in the positive manner. Additionally, setting up of research and development centers and potential medical educational universities is expected to boost demand for medical devices in the country.

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